Elastomers used in the Oil and Gas Sector

13 Dec 2019

Organised by the Rubber in Engineering Group of IOM3

This afternoon technical discussion meeting (ATDM) examined the use of advanced materials in a range of oil and gas industry applications. These materials operate under extreme conditions of high pressure and at both low and high temperatures whilst retaining properties in very hostile chemical environments. 

Speakers at the RIEG Dec 2019 event

Start time 13:30pm - Introduction - Prof James Busfield (QMUL)

Use of elastomers in an oil-filled drilling tool (PDF 1MB) - Dan Minett-Smith (Rockatek) 

In deep drilling for energy resources the chemical environment can be very difficult downhole - temperatures and pressures can exceed 200°C and 200 bar and conditions are mechanically very harsh. At the same time the drill-bit is required to accurately cut a required path in three dimensions. The use of elastomers in the downhole environment and the challenges they meet there will be discussed with particular reference to an oil-filled drilling tool. 

Elastomer Composites Development for Oil and Gas Drilling Applications (PDF 3MB) - Julien Ramier (Schlumberger)

Operating in the downhole oil and gas environment exposes elastomers to extreme conditions which leads to the progressive degradation of mechanical properties resulting in premature failure. This talk examines high performance elastomer compounds that demonstrate increased fatigue lifetime and thermal and chemical stability. The strategy focused on development of innovative tests to evaluate mechano-physical properties under representative conditions of temperature and fluid environment resulting in the development of an optimal formulation.

Therban HNBR and extrusion resistance in packer applications - Marjan Hemstede-van Urk (Arlanxeo Netherlands BV)

Therban® is a hydrogenated nitrile rubber (HNBR) that exhibits excellent dynamic mechanical properties as well as resistance to oil, heat, tear and abrasion. In addition to these properties this talk will explore extrusion resistance, an important property for many oil and gas applications such as packer seals. The talk will examine a new test methodology that has been developed to characterise this behaviour. Also the talk will consider how compound formulation can be optimised to balance extrusion resistance with the other important property requirements.

Vamac® Ethylene Acrylic Elastomer (AEM) – Possibilities for Oil and Gas Applications (PDF 1.2MB) - Patricia Panne (Du Pont)
AEM has been successfully used for many years in various applications, where excellent heat and fluid resistance and low temperature flexibility is required. This talk will give an overview about the different AEM grades and highlight the achievable compound properties most relevant to oil and gas operations, such as sealing performance, fluid compatibility, and temperature resistance. In addition, Vamac® elastomers are halogen-free polymers that can be compounded into flame retardant materials for use in cable application or in chemically challenging environments such as downhole.

Kalrez® 0090 perfluoroelastomers parts for oil and gas downhole equipment with the need for RGD and extrusion resistance (PDF 0.8MB) - William Braule (Du Pont)
Kalrez perfluoroelastomer parts deliver durable, reliable sealing solutions for applications requiring excellent rapid gas decompression (RGD) properties as well as high hardness and high modulus properties. Some application areas include downhole equipment such as drilling and completion tools as well as industrial equipment including pumps and valves. Recent studies have demonstrated their excellent extrusion resistance. This presentation will cover into more details the impact of the parameters such as temperature and diametral clearance over this property.

This event was championed Dr Julien Ramier of Schlumberger.

The ATDM is free to attend due to the generous sponsorship of the RIEG Technical Programme by ARTIS

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297 Euston Road
United Kingdom
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Dr Julien Ramier - email: JRamier@slb.com


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