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A gateway to resources relating to the development and use of materials across all applications from biotechnology to engineering and construction

Materials underpin all engineering activities such as construction, electronics, aerospace, telecommunications, medicine and energy, and can be the key to providing greater efficiency and lower costs in all manner of industries.     

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Copper substitution remained low in 2020

Materials applications resources

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Glass in Packaging

Join the students on our PIABC Level 5 Diploma course to explore the structure, properties and processing of glass for packaging applications.


An Introduction to Fracture & Fatigue Failure Analysis Virtual Course

This Virtual Course will be useful for those working in engineering, production and design who manufacture or supply engineering components and it will help them to gain an improved understanding of fracture and fatigue and how these failures may be investigated:

Structural Integrity Series - Materials & Structural Integrity Challenges for Offshore Wind Energy Systems

Improving materials to provide longer service, fewer inspections and reduced operational costs.

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Are you looking for information or advice on materials? Our Information Services team can help you find relevant articles and literature from our extensive library collections and provide signposting to sources of advice.  

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IOM3 awards

Awards in materials applications

Nominations for the 2021 IOM3 awards are now open.

IOM3 recognises achievements and contributions to the profession through a range of annual Awards, Medals and Prizes. The awards cover a range of subject areas, career stages and types of contribution. The awards listed below are broadly within the field of materials applications.

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