16 June 2021

From Exo-suit to Space Suit

Find out more about composites usage and the development of exoskeleton technology with Tinius Olsen - view on-demand

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This webinar explores the innovative use of current and future composites, in the development of exoskeleton technology, in the company of Dr Matt Dickenson, Senior Lecturer of Engineering at the University of Central Lancashire.

Dr Dickenson is currently developing a groundbreaking exosuit, utilising 3D printing technology, which will be entering into human trials later this year. Its applications will potentially cover a number industry disciplines including medical, aerospace, sport and military. Through the innovative use of existing composites, Matt is also leading the way in the introduction of new and exciting materials through this project.

Who is the webinar aimed at?

CEOs, R&D staff, and technicians within companies interested in, or associated with, the development and testing of materials, particularly composites. Also, educators and students interested in cutting edge developments in exoskeletons.

What will I learn from attending this Webinar?

Robotic exoskeleton technology has been with us for almost sixty years but the most recent advances in its composites base could see it being an integral part of missions to Mars in the 2030’s.

Adaptation of current composite materials as well as the development of new, bespoke composites, will see this new technology benefitting a broad spectrum of applications including support for muscle disease sufferers, sports injuries and protection, as well as aerospace, military and industry.

This rapid development has been made possible thanks to a partnership with Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Company. The association has also led to an active involvement with international standards organisation ASTM, with Dr Matt Dickenson becoming ASTM F48.04 – Exoskeleton Maintenance and Disposal Subcommittee Chair.

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