Press room

The Institute is committed to providing factual, objective and accurate information that can be understood by non-experts and does not mislead the public.

We can provide a quick and appropriate response to enquiries, and have a dedicated panel of experts who are media trained.


The External Affairs Group

The IOM3 External Affairs Group (EAG) seeks to raise the profile and promote the Institute to a wider audience. It captures the combined expertise of the membership base to better inform public debate on issues such as the energy gap and over-packaging.

The EAG anticipates ‘hot topics’ with an important materials technology content, and prepares press releases, fact sheets, and interviews with IOM3 experts for national television and radio. The EAG also makes submissions to Government enquiries.


For all media enquiries, use our online enquiry form, or call Viki Taylor on +44 (0)20 7451 7395.