Committee Members of the Rubber in Engineering Group

Chairman - Prof James Busfield (1st left) Professor of Materials, Queen Mary University of London
Secretary - Dr Joe Hallett (2nd left) Birla Carbon
Dr Frank Abraham University of Plymouth 
Dr Sally Beken  KTN Ltd
Mr Martyn Bennett ARTIS
Mr Alan Bickley (5th left) Weir Group
Mr Dave Boast (4th left) DB Engineering Solutions
Dr Tim Clayfield (5th right) Tyre Recycling Solutions
Dr Vince Coveney (1st right) Bath University
Dr Davide de Focatiis  University of Nottingham
Mr Bob Ellis DTR VMS
Ms Merryn Hobbs Trelleborg Industrial AVS
Dr Abilash Nair (2nd right) Dunlop Aircraft Tyres
Mrs Malini Nanavaty Freudenberg Sealing Technology
Mr Vincenzo Orlando (3rd left) / DrJean-Louis Poisson TARRC
Mr Stuart Preston IOM3
Dr Julien Ramier (3rd right) Schlumberger
Dr Clive Siviour (4th right) Oxford University
Dr Matthew Thornton Haydale Composite Solutions
Dr Roly Whear Jaguar Land Rover

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