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Renew ELP PLant

The February CIE lecture was ""Renew ELP – bringing end of life plastic into the circular economy", which told of a new process to turn waste plastic into a saleable product.

PVC Redesigned competition is aimed at showcasing innovative design concepts for the reuse of PVC material in the circular economy. 


The Alliance, consisting of over 25 global companies, will commit $1.5 Billion over next 5 years

Eight new projects are to collectively re-think plastics production and use, with the UK Circular Plastics Network working closely to realise this aim.

UK businesses can apply for a share of up to £2 million to develop solutions that tackle the environmental crisis of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans


Upcoming events

21 Feb 2019
UK Tribology: a national event themed around future cities and mobility and the tribological challenges associated with these themes.
6 Mar 2019
CIE heat of the Young Persons' Lecture Competition on Wednesday 6th March 2019 at 2pm at the STEM Centre, Middlesbrough College.
1 May 2019
IOM3 Annual Young Persons' Lecture Competition UK final
20 Apr 2020
PVC 2020 will continue to build on the reputation of this triennial conference series as being the world’s leading conference supporting the global PVC industry.