Polymer Society Contacts

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If you have any comments you may email a board member directly. Also feel free to meet board members at any of the conferences or meetings and discuss the activities of the Society

Stuart Patrick
Interim Chair

Stuart Preston
Board Co-ordinator

Board members:

Dr Sally Beken

Polymer, Plastics and Elastomer Lead at Knowledge Transfer Network

Martyn Bennett


  • 20+ years in R & D in the rubber industry from Teaching Company Associate with Bristol University through to establishing Avon Rubbers Materials Development Centre in 1998. 
  • Having launched ARTIS in 2007 he brings specialist technical knowledge of physics, metallurgy, polymer science, food processing, rheology, test development, statistical analysis and data management. 
  • His current key focus is now management and promotion of ARTIS with a view to growing a successful consultancy and research company, and has a keen interest in the recycling of rubber and other materials. 
  • Currently also Chairman of the Industrial Advisory Group at Loughborough University Department of Materials, also has stong links to the RIEG, Queen Mary University of London and NPL.

Prof. James Busfield

Queen Mary, University of London
Rubber in Engineering Group (RIEG) (Chair)


  • The physics of rubber materials
  • Particulate filled polymer systems
  • Smart elastomers  

Dr Farai Carter

Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) which is the process arm of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult

Prof. Phil Coates
Bradford University
Polymer Processing & Engineering Committee (Chair)


  • Process structuring of polymers and polymer composites/ nanocomposites to achieve enhanced properties or consistent quality through understanding and control of the processing operation.
  • Analysis/modelling of polymer processing mechanics, involving leading edge in-process measurements - experimental characterisations of the solid and fluid phase rheology of polymers, with novel rheo-optical, ultrasound techniques and in-process spectroscopy.
  • Processing machinery design and control of processing, especially in the fields of injection moulding (including micromoulding), extrusion and reactive processing - encompassing determination of process dynamic responses to the deconvolution of machine and raw material variables for real time closed loop process control.
  • Computer modelling of solid and melt phase processing - used in process design and control (with a patented licensed polymer orientation process), and for insight into deformation and flow mechanisms.
  • Management of large scale research groups and teams, and events.  

John Dorken
British Rubber and Polyurethane Products Association

Prof Patrick Fairclough

Composite Engineering, University of Sheffield

Marion Ingle

Sandberg Material Consutants


  • Risk assessment and design for product safety
  • Polymer failure analysis and material identification and characterisation
  • Polymers in construction applications
  • Causes of discolouration and staining

Philip Law

Director General British Plastics Federation

Prof Ton Peijs

Director - National Plastics Processing Centre - University of Warwick

Dr Ian Robinson

Consultant at Greylag


  • An industrial scientist working since 1987 in ICI, Courtaulds, Ineos Acrylics and latterly Lucite International. 
  • Wide range of technical experience in the physical properties of polymers and materials science, polymer chemistry, polymer engineering and statistics. 
  • A ‘six sigma’ statistician, solving complex quality and production problems on full scale assets. Also using these skills to reformulate products within the existing manufacturing capability.

Ms Kerry Satterthwaite
Roskill Information Services

    Dr Andrew Tinker
    Vice Chair, Past Chairman & Chairman of the Materials KTN Polymer Sector


    • Blends of rubber
    • TPU's
    • Characterisation of rubber materials

    Dr Arthur Wilkinson 

    Senior Lecturer in Polymer and Composites Processing, The University of Manchester

    Spike Taylor
    Multotec Pty Ltd

    Corresponding Member, IOM3 Polymer Division - South Africa