• plastic containers

    Plastic containers in the groove

    Packaging Professional magazine
    A sidewall strengthening system for plastic containers could increase storage space and reduce transport costs in rigid plastic shipping.
  • Turning around waste plastics

    Packaging Professional magazine
    An upcycling process is said to turn mixed waste plastics into perfectly spherical carbon microspheres (CMSs) for use in printer ink, anode materials in rechargeable batteries and heat-dispersing agents in car tyres.
  • Non-transparent film with copper as an electrode. Image courtesy of University of Bolton, UK

    Flexible approach to energy harvesting

    Materials World magazine
    Flexible fibres and films with piezoelectric and photovoltaic properties can now harvest natural energy for use in various electrical components, say UK-based researchers. This is said to be the first time that a hybrid photovoltaic-piezoelectric polymer fibre capable of being woven into a fabric has been developed.
  • IOM3 student prize winners 2010

    The winners of the Institute's 2010 Competitive Student Prizes have been announced.
  • Watt are You Saving?

    The Polymer Society
    The Materials Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) has launched an energy reduction competition – ‘Watt’ are You Saving? – for the UK plastics and rubber industries. The aim of the competition is to recognise the best use of technology, innovation and environmental impact in energy reduction and to showcase best practice.
  • plastic bottles

    Mixed plastics under the lens

    Packaging Professional magazine
    The effects of recycling PET in the presence of polylactic acid (PLA), has come under scrutiny in the last few years. A UK collaborative project by the Materials Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) and Smithers Rapra, UK, aims to uncover the facts.
  • Current Calls for Defence

    Defence, Safety and Security Committee
    The Centre for Defence Enterprise currently have a number of calls for funding proposals related to defence.
  • Thermoplastics meet car parts

    Materials World magazine
    A new technique could be used to mass produce lighter thermoplastic fibre composite car parts that are cheaper, safer and recyclable. At the moment, many car makers use a thermoset matrix for such composite materials, but the approach is said to face a number of drawbacks
  • Nominations open for IOM3 Medals and Prizes

    The 2011 Medals and Prizes from IOM3 are open for nominations.
  • Composites Conference call for abstracts deadline approaching

    The British Composites Society
    Offers of papers for the British Composites Society's international conference on Manufacturing of Advanced Composites will be considered up until 30 November 2010.