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    Eco-labels require know-how

    Packaging Professional magazine
    ‘A two degree reduction in the thermostat setting will result in enough energy savings for a year’s supply of packaging [for the average household].’ So said Jane Bickerstaffe, Director of INCPEN, at a British Standards Institute (BSI) organised conference on sustainable design held on 16 June in London, UK.
  • Lightweight bottles from PTI

    Coloured PET foam

    Packaging Professional magazine
    A foamed PET blow-moulding process that creates lightweight bottles in white or silvery-colours, without using additives, has been developed, according to polymer researchers in the USA. They say the technique creates recyclable decorative and textured PET bottles.
  • Climate Change Agreement for the Plastics Sector

    The Polymer Society
    The British Plastics Federation is in the final stages of entering into a Climate Change Agreement for the Plastics Sector with the Department of Energy and Climate Change.
  • Environmental campaign launched by plastics industry

    The plastics industry has launched a campaign to challenge itself, UK Government and consumers to increase recycling rates and decrease the amount of plastics sent to landfill.
  • DIG garden tool set

    Sustainable garden tools win design competition

    A set of sustainable garden tools has won the 2009 Design Innovation in Plastics competition.
  • Special section on manufacturing

    The lifeblood of many countries is their manufacturing industry. This month's Materials World magazine focuses on the sector.
  • Plastic rubbish

    The maze of mixed plastics recycling

    Materials World magazine
    The UK’s Waste Resources & Action Programme (WRAP) has thrown down the gauntlet to local authorities, waste management companies and retailers. Its vision is for 500,000t of mixed plastics waste packaging from households to be recycled every year by 2020.
  • Manchester polymer chemistry students seek work placements

    The Polymer Society
    Students at Manchester Metropolitan University studying chemistry with modules on polymers are seeking work placements.
  • shopping cart with plastic products

    Recycling thermosetting plastics

    Materials World magazine
    Thermoset plastics that can be remoulded and recycled several times over when heated to about 100ºC are possible, claim researchers in The Netherlands.
  • IOM3 Council election results for 2009

    The outcome of the recent election of IOM3 Councillors.