• computer mouse

    Getting wise to plastics processing

    Materials World magazine
    An e-learning programme to help plastics processors manage and reduce their energy consumption is being explored by iSmithers, the information business within Smithers Rapra, based in Shropshire, UK.
  • Washing hands

    Soaking up savings - water efficiency

    Materials World magazine
    Water-efficient technology has vast potential and the associated tax relief can help manufacturers boost their bottom line. Water specialist Claire Sweeney, at UK sustainable business programme Envirowise, reports
  • Counting carbon

    Materials World magazine
    The UK Carbon Reduction Commitment kicks in from April 2010. Alessandra McConville, Environmental Programmes Leader at EEF, the manufacturer’s organisation, provides guidance on the process of compliance.
  • Sunflower Silhouette

    Sustainability conference - have your say!

    The Sustainability Conference Committee invites you to get involved in the planning of the event!
  • Ben Whiteside launching the MNT Centre

    Polymer Process Engineering 09 – a polymer micro and nano technology focus

    The Polymer Society
    The biennial Polymer Process Engineering international meeting was held in the Norcroft Conference Centre, Bradford on 27-28 October 2009
  • oilsands

    Cleaning up oilsands exploration

    Materials World magazine
    Scientists in the USA have developed two polymers to help clean up the toxic waste left behind by oilsands mining.
  • Charging up batteries with algae

    Materials World magazine
    A charge time and capacity record for organic and non–toxic batteries has been set by using algae, claim researchers from Uppsala University, Sweden. The work opens up possibilities for producing environmentally friendly, cost efficient, up-scalable and lightweight energy storage systems.
  • Solid alumino-silicate spheres beneficiated from waste fly ash

    Polymer fillers meet minerals processing

    Materials World magazine
    Mining technology is transforming waste fly ash from coal-fired power stations into cheaper and resource efficient polymer fillers, claims RockTron, based in Keynsham, UK. The firm says it has achieved a ‘world’s first’ in fly ash beneficiation.
  • Materials experts sought for Fuel Cells Challenge

    The Carbon Trust is searching for UK innovators to help develop the next generation of fuel cells. People with expertise in polymers, catalysts, metals and other materials that could provide alternatives to current fuel cell components are invited to take part in the Fuel Cells Challenge.
  • Product design competition opens

    The Polymer Society
    A design competition has been launched to find the best innovative and sustainable product design using a 100% recycled polystyrene sheet or compound.