Plastics, Rubber and Composites, Vol. 49, No. 6 is now available

The Polymer Society
9 Jun 2020

Plastics, Rubber and Composites, Vol. 49, No. 6 is now available online. IOM3 members can access the papers via our Member Portal.


Theoretical modelling of kinetics of glass transition temperature of PEG toughened epoxy

Jitha S. Jayan , B. D. S. Deeraj , Appukuttan Saritha & Kuruvilla Joseph

Pages: 237-244

DOI: 10.1080/14658011.2020.1732124


Hyperbranched polyester modified graphene oxide on anti-corrosion performance of epoxy composite coatings for electric power system

Tao Guo , Hao Li , Xiaohong Ma , Lei Shi , Wei Wang , Wei Zhang & Lu Li

Pages: 245-253

DOI: 10.1080/14658011.2020.1735180


Long-term creep behaviour of E-glass/epoxy composite: time-temperature superposition principle

Nadia Nosrati , Ahad Zabett & Samaneh Sahebian

Pages: 254-262

DOI: 10.1080/14658011.2020.1736867


Preparation of an enhanced nanohybrid alloy based on polylactic acid/polycarbonate/nanosilica

Elham Irani-Kolash , Nasrin Moshiri-Gomchi , Ali Talebi-Liasi , Sara Sabahi , Naeimeh Bahri-Laleh , Shahram Mehdipour-Ataei , Javad Mokhtari-Aliabad & Seyed Amin Mirmohammadi

Pages: 263-270

DOI: 10.1080/14658011.2020.1743088


Tensile performance of additively manufactured short carbon fibre-PLA composites: neural networking and GA for prediction and optimisation

Rachit Omer , Harlal Singh Mali & Siddhartha Kumar Singh

Pages: 271-280

DOI: 10.1080/14658011.2020.1744371