Plastics Design for Durability - Last Chance to Register

The Polymer Society
21 Oct 2017

The objectives of the Plastics Afternoon Technical Discussions are to be a free to attend forum for those involved in the plastics sector where topics of importance and interest can be freely and openly discussed and debated with a view to such areas as sharing experiences and promotion of best practice.

With a number of scene-setting programmed presentations at each event, the intention is not for them to be formal lectures as such but simply a starting point for the ensuing discussion. Sufficient time is available at each meeting to allow members of the audience to present information/experiences/knowledge, either from the lectern or their seat, in order to add to the discussion. the focus is on active audience participation!

The second meeting, Plastics Design for Durability, will take place on the afternoon of Friday 3 November, starting at 2.00 pm, and will feature the following:

What is the value of typical material specification sheets produced by polymer manufacturers?

With a broad background in materials processing and polymer science, Dr Alan Wood, Chair Polymer Society Board, will be imparting his broad range of experience having worked for polymer machinery and polymer suppliers interspersed with a distinguished academic career.

Long-Term Durability Testing of Polymeric Materials 

Polymeric materials are increasingly being used for applications where long-term or critical applications require the use of accelerated ageing regimes to ensure the serviceable life of products and components. A trend that is likely to continue for the foreseeable future due to progressive changes in material procurement strategies that require increased product lifetimes in increasingly harsh environments.  As a consequence, there is growing demand on manufacturers to extend the life-time guarantees on products, particularly where inspection can be difficult or failure catastrophic. This presentation will summarises the degradation mechanisms found in polymeric materials, the accelerated test methods that have been developed and the techniques used for assessing life-time predictions. Future needs for long-term testing will also be considered. 

Dr Tony Maxwell is a Senior Research Scientist at NPL (National Physical Laboratory) where he has worked for over 19 years. He has a bachelor degree in Material Science from Brunel University and a PhD in Polymer Physics from the University of Leeds. He is responsible for the development of measurement techniques for assessing the mechanical, thermal and rheological properties of polymers, adhesives and composites and has particular expertise in the long-term durability / degradation of polymeric materials. His work has resulted in the development of a wide range of new measurement techniques, methodologies and standards. He is a UK technical representative on the international standards committee (ISO) for the testing of plastics and regularly publishes his work in peer-reviewed journals and at international conferences.

CAD & The Plastics Industry - with SOLIDWORKS

This presentation will show the benefits of CAD for plastic part design and manufacture. Content will covered will show benefits for both part and tool design finally showing validation and optimization capabilities using simulation.

Peter Harkness graduated from Leeds with a Product Design Masters from the school of Mechanical Engineering. In nis professional career he was involved with charity work and later began work at Solid Solutions – a SOLIDWORKS CAD reseller. Specializing in Simulation and specifically Injection Molding Analysis he works with customers in this industry to help them get the most from the software.

Design Case Studies

See a real world example where computational simulation has brought efficiency to the manufacture process and reduced cycle times from Thomas Dudley, a leading UK manufacturer of high quality bathroom mouldings.


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