Industry delegates to head to Brighton for PVC conference

The Polymer Society
10 Apr 2017

The global PVC industry will be out in force in Brighton for the world’s leading forum on vinyl later this month.

With around 450 delegates already registered for PVC 2017, all aspects of the PVC cycle will be covered from formulations and applications to end of life and beyond.

Some of the areas to be discussed:

·       Resin—polymerization developments, the impact of North American ethylene expansion and the potential in the sub-Sahara region.

·       Stabilisersan update on the european sustainable road to a possible new range for consideration.

·       The aim of converting complex plasticiser scientific data based on sound science into simpler messages.

·       Plastisol formulations covering coil coating, automotive sealants, flooring and foams.

·       Advanced technologies for profile extrusion, weathering performance, glass fibre composites, the roles of impact modification, process aids, stabilisers and titanium dioxide will be covered as will the latest regulatory update on the pigment.

·       The circular economy will be a key role related to sustainability and recycling, and will feature an update on regulations and eco-profiles, the latest information on coated fabrics, incineration, medical grade PVC and the PVC sector contributing to the UN sustainable development goals.

·       The latest developments in machinery will focus on process and productivity improvements with energy management also being highlighted.

·       Flexible formulations will feature plasticiser absorption speed, exudation evaluation, vibration damping to control noise pollution, bio based plasticisers, filler interactions, indoor use and nanoparticles for modification.

·       Property evaluation and improvement covering fibre reinforced composites, rigid PVC nanocomposites, residual quality of gas and water pipes, smoke suppression and surface modification will also be featured. In addition, the world’s first “thermoplastic PVC” formulation, designed specifically for the advanced manufacturing sector, and associated 3D printing technologies will be discussed.

·       Foam ingredients in relation to process aids and an update on azodicarbonamide and REACH.

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