SPE announce Dates and Venue for FOAMS® 2012

The Polymer Society
3 Jan 2012

New materials, processes, equipment, and foaming agents are continually
being developed for foam applications. Finding new polymers and foaming
agents is one of the top priorities of the foam-manufacturing
industries, as is the development of environmentally safe methods to
manufacture polymeric foams.

More than 20 technical presentations and two or three plenary speakers are planned for the 10th International Conference on Foam Materials & Technology. A poster session for graduate student papers will also be held.

Anticipated topical conference sessions are: Biodegradable Foams; Innovation in Foams; Sustainable Foams; Micro and Nanocellular Foams; Foams for Structural Applications; Nanocomposite Foams and Novel Foaming Technologies.

The tutorial on September 10-11 offers practical information on the development of new blowing agents, design of foam products, and basic technical background on foaming polymers. Taught by three experts in foam technology, the tutorial  is a must for new entrants to polymeric foaming, and for individuals seeking a strong technical understanding of the foaming process.

Openings are available for tabletop exhibitors and other sponsorships at the FOAMS TopCon to promote your products and services throughout the conference, including an evening exhibitors’ reception.

Please see the website for complete conference and hotel information as well as sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities.