PVC conference hailed a success

The Polymer Society
4 Jul 2011

More than 400 delegates attended the IOM3 conference PVC 2011, held from 12-14 April in Brighton. Papers covered the global market, sustainability, performance improvement and polymerisation.

‘This event is going from strength to strength. The hard work put in by the organising committee, authors, sponsors and exhibitors came to a successful conclusion at the launch of the conference,’ said Stuart Patrick, Chair of the organising committee.

PVC 2011 focused on sharing innovations in vinyl and supporting the future of the material across the world through communication and debate. To purchase a book of the conference papers at a cost of £100, contact Eileen Ellis, tel: 01782 221707.

The event was co-organised by the British Plastics Federation, and supported by the European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers, Vinyl 2010, the Society of Plastics Engineers, the Materials Knowledge Transfer Network, and the Packaging and Films Association.