Polymer Society Newsletter - January 2011

The Polymer Society
31 Jan 2011

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2011 from the Polymer Society, a Division of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3). 


This newsletter will aim to bring you updates on the activities of the Polymer Society, IOM3 and the wider polymer community. We hope that you will find it useful and informative and we would welcome any feedback, ideas for content or news from our membership that would be of interest to other members, so please feel free to get in touch by contacting Dr Matthew Thornton on matthew.thornton@iom3.org.


In this newsletter we outline some of the recent articles that you may have missed on the Polymer Society microsite, highlight some articles on innovation in the polymer industry from the Materials KTN, announce a call for members to join the Polymer Society Board and bring to your attention some forthcoming events and recent job posts that may be of interest to you.


The Polymer Society would like to take this opportunity to welcome the new IOM3 President - Jan Lewis - and wish him all the best for the next two years. You can read more about the new IOM3 President here.


The Polymer Society has just co-launched an Applied Polymer Science Group, if you like more information about this please contact Dr Matthew Thornton. We have also just published our Annual Report for 2010 and this is available to read at: http://www.iom3.org/content/annual-report-4.


We hope that this newsletter is of interest to you now, and will continue to be more so in future editions. 




Stuart Patrick

Chairman, The Polymer Society




News and Features

All of these, and more, can also be found online @ www.polymersociety.org.uk


Flexible approach to energy harvesting

Flexible fibres and films with piezoelectric and photovoltaic properties can now harvest natural energy for use in various electrical components, say UK-based researchers. This is said to be the first time that a hybrid photovoltaic-piezoelectric polymer fibre capable of being woven into a fabric has been developed.


Wasps play part in surgical probe

Wasps are the inspiration behind a new type of flexible medical probe. The ultimate aim is to steer the device in 3D through soft tissue and monitor its progress.


The Levytator - escalating into a third dimension

An escalator capable of following freeform curves is the invention of Jack Levy, Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineering at City University London, UK, who discusses the Levytator's key features, its development and what the future holds.


Changing tyres - natural rubber

Dr Stuart Cook, Director of Research, at the Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre in Brickendonbury, UK, discusses how natural rubber can meet the demands of the modern tyre.


The Materials KTN - Polymer Sector

All of these, and more, can also be found online at https://ktn.innovateuk.org/web/polymers where you can also register to become a member of the Materials KTN for FREE, just click on the ‘Join this Group' link in the top banner and follow the process.


The Materials KTN Polymer Sector regularly publishes articles on innovations that are taking place in the polymer sector, these can be read at: https://ktn.innovateuk.org/web/polymers/articles. Some recent articles are:

  • Bisphenol A - Have your say
  • European Plastics Recyclers create industry alliance to defend the rights to practise recycling
  • An invitation to the elastomer community or a challenge to influence your industry?
  • Automation Company seeks Potential Partners for Absorbent Cylinders


Book Launched - Sustainable Manufacturing: A Guide For The Plastics Industry -Download a Free Copy

The BPF, with support from The Materials KTN and UKTI, launched a book titled "Sustainable Manufacturing: A Guide for the Plastics Industry" at the K Fair on Monday 1 November 2010 at the Dusseldorf Congress Centre. Through a variety of case studies and feature contributions by leading experts in sustainability, the book aims to equip companies with the information and support needed to implement systems to fulfil long term sustainability goals and objectives.


Watt are You Saving? - An Energy Reduction Competition for the UK Polymer Industry

The Materials KTN Polymer Sector has launched an energy reduction competition for the UK plastics and rubber industry, the entrants into this competition will, through the Materials KTN, partner organisations and the media partners for this competition, be able to showcase their achievements to Government, decision and policy makers, funders, their supply chain and customers and the general public. APPLY NOW


Bursaries for SMEs to Attend PVC 2011

The Materials KTN are pleased to announce that they are supporting PVC 2011 and are delighted to be able to offer UK SMEs the opportunity to attend the event with the support of a bursary provided by the Materials KTN. APPLY NOW


SPARK Awards in Advanced Materials Available

SPARK Award projects, launched by the Materials KTN, in collaboration with and funded by our key partners; The University of Glasgow and The University of Sheffield, to help UK based companies to improve their industrial performance through the increased use of technology for product and process innovation. APPLY NOW


Feasibility Studies for Technology-Inspired Innovation

The Technology Strategy Board proposes to stimulate innovation across its core technology areas to help ensure that small and micro businesses in the UK are well-equipped to respond to society's current and future challenges. They have allocated up to £2m to invest in feasibility studies lasting up to three months, each costing no more than £33,000 (max £25,000 grant). Projects may be collaborative or carried out by a single company. The competition opens on the 10 January 2011. APPLY NOW


Reports Published:


Copies of presentations from recent events can also be downloaded for free at: https://ktn.innovateuk.org/web/polymers/past-polymers-events


Call for Expressions of Interest to Join the Polymer Society Board

A list of current Board members can be found at http://www.iom3.org/content/contacts-1.


The Polymer Society seeks to receive expressions of interest from members who may wish to join the Polymer Society Board. The Polymer Society is chaired by Stuart Patrick FIMMM and exists to support the plastics and elastomer supply chain by providing a focus for the exchange of knowledge on all aspects of production, processing and applications.


The Society's interests cover all technical, educational and professional considerations relating to plastics and elastomers where their content is significant in the application.


If you feel that you can bring your skills and enthusiasm to supporting, developing and initiating objectives of the Polymer Society Board please send a short CV along with a letter outlining why you are interested to Dr Matthew Thornton (matthew.thornton@iom3.org) by Friday 4 February 2011.


Further information onthe Polymer Society can be found at: www.polymersociety.org.uk


Forthcoming Events

A full list of polymer related events can be found at: http://www.iom3.org/events/all/609+1923


  • PVC 2011

12-14 April 2011
Brighton, UK
Bursaries available



  • Materials and Design

8 February 2011
Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh, UK



  • Advances in Helmet Technology

10 February 2011
IOM3, 1 Carlton House Terrace, London, UK



  • Trends in Plastics Packaging

17 February 2011
Advanced Manufacturing Park, Rotherham, UK



  • Elastomers as Energy Generation Platforms Webinar

18 February 2011
Online Event (webinar)
Contact Dr Sally Beken for further information and free registration



  • Fillers in Rubber

18 March 2011
IOM3, 1 Carlton House Terrace, London, UK



  • ICMAC 2011

22- 24 March 2011
Belfast Waterfront, Belfast, UK



  • PDM 2011

18- 19 May 2011
ExCel, London, UK



  • Smart Polymer Systems 2011

25- 26 May 2011
Mainz, Germany



  • Rubber in Defence

10 June 2011
IOM3, 1 Carlton House Terrace, London, UK



  • Innovation in Design

13 June 2011
Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh, UK



  • IRC 2011

15- 17 June 2011
Novotel Center Norte, Sao Paulo, Brazil




A full list of polymer related jobs can be found at: http://www.iom3.org/content/polymer-society



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