Sign up to the Plastics 2020 Challenge

The Polymer Society
5 Mar 2010

Plastics in our marine and beach litter negatively affect the public and media views and perceptions of plastic products.

The British Plastics Federation has opened up dialogue with all stakeholders through the Plastics 2020 Challenge website.

The ground-breaking campaign by the plastics industry was designed to challenge itself, ministers and consumers to set tougher targets on recycling and to stop dumping waste in landfill. The Plastics 2020 Challenge, backed by MPs from across the political divide, is the first time manufacturers and processors themselves have called for a widespread and open debate and set their own targets for helping to conserve resources. The plastics industry pledged several commitments on the "four Rs" - reduce, reuse, recycle and recover, including a target of doubling the amount of plastics that will be recycled by the year 2020.The campaign also challenges the government, MPs, environmental groups and consumers to join forces with the industry to save energy and help reduce landfill by getting more out of the resources we all use. 

The Marine Conservation Society has agreed to work with the Plastics 2020 Challenge in this debate and the Polymer Society Board urges its members and other interested parties to join the debate in the use and disposal of plastic products and packaging via the Plastics 2020 Challenge website.