Product design competition opens

The Polymer Society
29 Oct 2009

A design competition has been launched to find the best innovative and sustainable product designusing a 100% recycled polystyrene sheet or compound. The winner will receive £500 and the opportunity to develop their design to market.

The competition, organised by Axion Polymers, is for a household product with mass market appeal that could be manufactured from the company's new product which is made from 100% recycled refrigerator plastic, TV casingsor post-consumer electronic games consoles. Ideas could be unique or improve upon an existing product, but must embody the 'green' credentials and environmental profile of the material. Entries must be submitted by8 January 2010.

'Environmental impact, sustainability and potential forenergy-savings are key considerations and of increasing importance for designers,'comments Axion director Keith Freegard. 'Axfoil is a new product, so we are fascinatedto see what can be made from it. We'relooking forward to receiving some really imaginative product ideas.'

Axion Polymers produces high-quality recycled plastics. All materials are fully recyclable, enablingitems made from them to 'close the recycling loop'. The compounds to be used in the competition are availablein a range of colours and can be extruded or thermoformed. The Axfoil sheet product can be  thermoformed in a variety of widths or thicknesses.


Further information

Axion Polymers, tel: 0161 737 6124