Time Dependent Behaviour of Rubber Conference & The Rubber Foundation Lecture

30 Oct 2008

Organised by the Rubber in Engineering Committee of The Polymer Society (a Division of the Institute of Materials, Mining and Minerals)

Registration Open (links to conference registrations website)


The physical properties of rubbers will change depending on the timescale or the frequency. With an understanding of this time dependent behaviour we can effectively utilise rubbers in applications such as sound and vibration isolation.

Papers are invited on all aspects of the time and frequency dependent properties of elastomeric materials.

The conference will have the following themes:

  • Measuring and predicting long term properties such as creep and stress relaxation
  • Characterising the dynamic mechanical properties
  • High frequency behaviour: eg acoustic and ballistic properties
  • Applications: eg vibration damping

The Rubber Foundation Lecture (approx 18.00 hrs - 19.00 hrs)

Following the conference, Dr Mike Roland, Naval Research Laboratory, will deliver the Rubber Foundation Lecture 'The Vagaries of Elastomer Service Life Predictions'. This lecture will be free to attend and a synposis follows:

Generally, the useful life of a rubber component is governed by its susceptibility to failure by either mechanical or chemical deterioration. There are well established laboratory tests to address the failure properties of elastomers – fracture mechanics analyses for mechanical durability and accelerated aging tests for chemical degradation.

However, laboratory predictions are only reliable if the relevant failure mechanisms are identified and all contributing factors are accounted for. This talk describes two case studies:

  • Fatigue failure of an elastomeric mechanical capacitor
  • Thermal oxidation of a radiant heating hose.

Only the latter case, in which redundant laboratory testing provided accurate lifetime predictions, involved product failure with consequent extraordinary financial losses.

If you would like to attend this FREE Lecture and NOT the Conference please email joana.lourenco@iom3.org


Please contact Paul Harris (email: paul.harris@iom3.org) if you wish to sponsor, or exhibit at this conference.


Venue and booking

Event Location: 
IOM3, 1 Carlton House Terrace
United Kingdom
Contact details: 

Martin Burke
01252 39 7529

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