Pedro Costa, Portugal finalist

Pedro Costa graduated
in Applied Biology at the University of Minho, and is a PhD
student at 3B’s Research Group attempting to combine dynamic cell culture
technologies with advanced scaffold fabrication technologies such as rapid
prototyping. He spent part of his PhD at Materialise NV, a Belgian
company who specialis in rapid prototyping-related technologies.

a result of his research, Pedro is author and co-author of several
papers, various oral and poster communications in national and international
conferences, one book chapter and a European patent.


Rapid Prototyping Tools and Strategies for Tissue Engineering Applications

Tissue engineering is a multidisciplinary field which aims to repair or replace damaged tissues or organs by culturing cells into 3D structures (scaffolds) under controlled and stimulatory environments.

Rapid prototyping can generate highly defined and complex 3D structures which, unlike most conventional scaffold-producing technologies, more closely mimic the architectures and organisation patterns found in native tissues and organs.

This lecture will show several tools which were developed to use various nature-inspired concepts such as 'organized randomness' to make rapid prototyping not only capable of producing exact replicas of pre-existing tissular architectures but also, and most importantly, capable of mimicking design rules involved in the tissue’s natural building process.

The lecture will explain various examples of scaffolds and strategies which were designed and prototyped to address the repair of bone and cartilage tissue defects.


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