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The Powder Metallurgy Industry in the UK - an IOM3 report

A document produced by the Institute of Materials. This document is the result of the second phase of an investigation of the challenges and opportunities facing the powder metallurgy industry in the UK, conducted over the period October 1999 to May 2000 as part of the Department of Trade and Industry's Foresight Programme. The individual parts of the document are listed as follows for downloading.

Cover (PDF 61k)

Inside cover (PDF 100k)

Contents (PDF 107k)

Subject scope (PDF 104k)

Executive summary (PDF 82k)

1. The broad context (PDF 123k)

2. PM structural components (PDF 222k)

3. PM in magnet applications (PDF 319k)

4. A programme to improve competitiveness and generate positive development in the PM industry in the UK (PDF 127k)

References (PDF 101k)

Acknowledgments (PDF 77k)


Appendix I: General background to the study (PDF 128k)

Appendix II: The Workshop (PDF 297k)

Appendix III: Subject matter covered in interviews (PDF 150k)

Appendix IV: Project Executive membership (PDF 79k)

Appendix V: Information available on the Internet (PDF 131k)

Appendix VI: Guidelines for action (PDF 143k)