• Hollow ceramic components produced by rotary moulding cuts costs

    Materials World magazine
    Research at CERAM, Loughborough University and Queens University Belfast shows that rotary moulding can be adepted to reduce production costs, and waste from hollow ceramic items. The technology, widely used to manufacture hollow polymer objects, enclosing a ceramic slip in a closed mould that is rotated around two axes while being heated in an oven.
  • Winners announced for IOM3 Awards and Prizes 2006

    The winners of the Institute's Awards and Prizes 2006 have been announced.
  • PowdermatriX network expands

    Materials World magazine
    The PowdermatriX Faraday Partnership, a node of the Materials KTN, has built an effective network of over 200 organisations for particulate engineering in three years. While focused on the advanced ceramic, powder metal, hard metal and magnetics industries, the network has attracted a wider range of sectors including pharmaceuticals and food. Stuart MacLachlan reports on its success.