• Penetrated Fibre Metal Laminate

    Photography competition to capture the essence of materials in Defence, Safety or Security

    Defence, Safety and Security Committee
    The IOM3 Defence Safety and Security Committee (DSSC) announce their 2nd photographic competition. The committee continues the search for the best photographs to help promote the activity of the DSSC to both members and the general public.
  • EADS 'Hyperjoint' system

    Titanium promise

    Materials World magazine
    The titanium industry has been hit hard since the last World Titanium Conference in Japan back in 2007. Professor Malcolm Ward-Close reports that the production figures presented at the recent event in Beijing indicate a strong recovery and an active research community.
  • radio mast

    Clay forms electromagnetic shield

    Clay Technology magazine
    Scientists at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, are developing cost-effective building bricks and roof tiles made from metallurgical wastes that can be built into the structure of a building as shielding against electromagnetic radiation.
  • John Liddle

    Committee approves Institute award winner

    The award of the 2011 Ivor Jenkins Medal to Dr John Liddle (pictured) has been approvved by the Particulate Engineering Committee, in recognition of his significant role as Director of the former PowdermatriX Faraday Partnership in the UK.
  • New MOD SBRI Competition - Novel Materials for Defence Exploitation

    Defence, Safety and Security Committee
    MOD’s new Materials and Structures Science and Technology Centre is seeking proposals, through the Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE), to understand and develop novel materials technologies.
  • Photographic competition announced

    Defence, Safety and Security Committee
    The Defence, Safety and Security Committee (DSSC) are pleased to announce the launch of a photographic competition with the theme "Materials for Defence, Safety or Security".
  • TWI awarded SPARK grant with the University of Glasgow

    TWI, one of Europe’s largest independent research and technology organisations has recently been awarded a £5,000 Strategic Project to Access Research and Knowledge (SPARK) award.
  • Current Calls for Defence

    Defence, Safety and Security Committee
    The Centre for Defence Enterprise currently have a number of calls for funding proposals related to defence.
  • Journal of the Month: Powder Metallurgy

    Maney Publishing
    You will have noticed in the recent issue of Materials World , the Institute journal Powder Metallurgy is Maney Publishing’s Journal of the Month in October. If you've not yet taken advantage of our free content for Powder Metallurgy , you have until 15 November 2010 to do so. Each month we feature a key journal, lifting restrictions on content to make it freely available to all, and providing additional insights into the team behind the journal, its history and content.
  • Nominations open for IOM3 Medals and Prizes

    The 2011 Medals and Prizes from IOM3 are open for nominations.