The Packaging Society board

Welcome to The Packaging Society, “The Home of Packaging Professionals”, an organisation, which has been serving the members of the Packaging Industry for the past 70 years. The Packaging Society serves its membership through the provision of training, networking both social and business and creating an environment where interaction with other members of the industry can take place for the furtherance of the technologies and expertise in this great world of Packaging.

Through a combination of national and regional events, we endeavour to raise the profile of the packaging industry; demonstrating its importance as an employer, service provider and importantly influencer of social change. As part of the wider IOM3 organisation, membership of The Packaging Society provides links into other interested groups; the Polymer Society, environmental interest groups and so forth.

The Society is keen to attract members of all ages providing support and context throughout their careers, from the youngest to the oldest, there is something for everyone.

About us

The Packaging Society, formerly the Institute of Packaging, is The Home of Packaging Professionals.  Here to support its members throughout their career in packaging and the associated disciplines.  The Packaging Society celebrates its 70th Anniversary in 2017 and is one of the world's oldest and foremost professional bodies for packaging professionals.

Whether you work in Structural Design, Graphics, compliance roles or Branding for either Product Supply Base or Machinery Suppliers or indeed for a Brand Owner, The Packaging Society is for you.

Watch this YouTube video to see what packaging members say about the benefits of the Accredited Packaging Professional Award

As the premier training provider in a variety of packaging technology areas in the UK, the Packaging Society will support you from the outset of your career, gaining knowledge and credibility, and then furthering your career with knowledge updates, management skills and seminars to improve and grow technical specialisms.

Importantly The Packaging Society links you into the wider Global community of packaging professionals, providing access to their collective knowledge and contacts supporting you in building your profession network.

Events organised across the country will allow you to hear expert speakers on topical subjects, visiting manufacturing and production facilities putting a practical face onto the academic knowledge gained in training.

Chairman's Message - June 2017

The Packaging Society was handed over to me late in 2016 from the able guidance of Keith Barnes, a role I have taken on with honour and the desire to grow the importance of The Packaging Society within the fabric of the UK Packaging Industry.

We face challenging times of course, who knows what Brexit will bring us?  Political turbulence at home and abroad equally contributes to the levels of uncertainty in the economy.  The one thing I can say with certainty however is that the expertise, resilience and innovation found in the Packaging world specifically being delivered by well trained and expert teams will guide the UK industry through these choppy waters.

The Packaging Society plays a huge role in shaping that direction; influencing, coordinating and providing the infrastructure to show how important the industry is to the UK economy.  It is our role to articulate this message, widely and with vigour at every opportunity.  Equally it is our responsibility to continue to push boundaries; materials, design, technical innovation…truly what we are about.

Let us Grasp the Nettle, innovate and develop appropriately pushing forward, perhaps even using these innovations as a basis for an entry into the Starpack awards, the pre-eminent competition for the demonstration of innovation in the field of Packaging.  We look forward to judging these entries later in the year.

Thank you all for your support and hoping that we might meet at one of our many events; Boat Trips, factory visits, seminars, Fellows Lunches, Charity Dinners …. All fantastic events providing that opportunity to grow, network and connect widely with your industry colleagues.  Further details are available on the events pages of the website.

Christopher Waterhouse

The Packaging Board

The Packaging Board meets on a quarterly basis and seeks to drive and influence activities within the packaging industry in the UK. We welcome contact with the Board.  Please use the links below to contact any of us directly.

Our current focus is on:

   Growth in awareness of the importance of Packaging; design, materials and use

   Sustainability in use and development of good practice

   Growth in industry skills

   Recruitment of new members