• Closed sign in a shop window

    Credit crunch strikes

    Packaging Professional magazine
    The current economic crisis has hit the packaging industry hard, as several companies have either gone into administration or have made major cutbacks. UK industry analysts Plimsoll Publishing predict a series of takeovers and sell-offs in the market in the next two years.
  • Dispersing functional fillers in polymers

    Materials World magazine
    Polyfect, a spin-out company from Loughborough University, UK, hopes to license a technology for dispersing functional fillers to improve the mechanical quality and reduce the weight and cost of polymer products, which could benefit applications such as automotive, packaging and electronics.
  • Members' input sought on radioactive waste management

    Members' reponses to questions posed by the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management are invited.
  • UK students should join the gold rush

    The Packaging Society
    Where are all the future British designers? IOP: The Packaging Society is calling for a better showing from UK colleges and universities in the Student Starpack Awards 2009.
  • Easy access to tablets

    Packaging Professional magazine
    A one-piece polyethylene flip-top closure for cylindrical tablet or pill containers that consumers can open with one hand is in development.
  • Schematic of ultrasonic atomisation spraying system

    Better barrier properties for biodegradable films

    Packaging Professional magazine
    Ultrasonic application of clay nanoparticles to biodegradable films could enhance their barrier properties, according to US spray technology company Sono-Tek. The technique prolongs the shelf life of food and pharmaceuticals and offers the packaging industry more accurate and economical treatment.
  • Carbon Footprints on Beer Cans

    Sapporo Breweries to put Carbon Footprint on product labels.
  • Waste Reduction Report from House of Lords Select Committee

    A distinguished Committee of Lords reviewed written evidence submitted to their Consultation on Waste Reduction. They invited representatives to answer questions to help them complete their review. The report was issued on 20th August 2008.
  • European Rolling Conference image

    Abstract deadline approaches for European Rolling Conference

    The Iron & Steel Society
    The deadline for submitting papers to the 5th European Rolling Conference is 30 September.
  • A ceramic connection

    Materials World magazine
    International company Morgan Technical Ceramics acquired Certech and Carpenter Advanced Ceramics from Carpenter Technology Corporation in a US$145m deal earlier this year, creating one of the largest technical ceramics companies in the world.