• Smell of success

    A UK design challenge from IOM3 had students developing innovative packs at an EasyFairs event. Ideas included a roll on fragrance, a fruit vending machine and a folding cup.
  • bottle

    Bottles for all

    Differing age groups look for different qualities in packaging. This article discusses how bottles can be used to meet the various expectations.
  • Putting the supply chain to work

    The Starpack Packaging Summit 2009, to be held on 21 May, will examine how successful new product development, packaging innovation and sustainability can help create business opportunities.
  • The salvation industry

    Packaging Consultant Keith Barnes offers his opinions and tips on surviving the economic downturn.
  • The range of james from Stuad in Austria is complemented by closures featuring reproductions of musical instruments and famous paintings

    On the metal – adding value with metal closures

    Metal closures can provide a value-added feature for your brand. Jason Hegarty, New Products and Marketing Manager at Crown Closures Europe in Dorset, UK, reports
  • Modified atmosphere packages

    Andrew Goodwin, UK representative from Danish packaging company Danapak Flexibles A/S, describes the company’s flexible packaging materials for the food industry.
  • David Read argues that education is key to encouraging consumers to reuse ‘single-use’ carrier bag

    Leading the way in flexible packaging and films

    David Read is determined to secure a fair trading environment for flexible packaging in the face of regulatory burdens and rising environmental awareness. The Chairman of the Packaging and Films Association talks to Gary Price about providing a voice for industry.
  • Reprocessed polythene prior to remanufacturing

    Pushing the eco-envelope

    Those outside of the packaging industry may not be aware that polythene reduces environmental damage while providing the same high levels of protection as other packaging media. Its light weight and flexibility offer an alternative to heavier or bulkier forms of packaging which can lead to more waste by volume.
  • Barley for biobased materials

    Trendy ideas

    Dr Gordon Robertson, adjunct Professor at the University of Queensland, Australia, presents opinions and facts on sustainability and packaging materials.
  • A water soluble sachet containing a unit dose of product.

    Playing the packaging game - pressures on packaging

    Pressures on spending mean that consumers will focus on value for money. Brands are going to have to adapt to changing economic, market and environmental factors. David Edwards, Managing Director of packaging solutions company Edwards Innovations Ltd, Stevenage, UK, presents some options.