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Packaging Professional magazine
12 Mar 2010
A Smart Karton

The safe delivery of items is a fundamental role of packaging. Ivan Reeve, Sales Director of CDi Worldwide, Bungay, UK, describes a newcarton system designed with this in mind.

Protection of the product is crucial when it comes to selecting packaging and Smart Karton is a new style of outer packaging. The system is an all-in-one composite pack, a concept that is popular with distributors of goods including books, food and pharmaceutical supplies.

Traditionally beauty products, for example, would often be packed in a corrugated box with an infill of pillow bags, foam, crumpled paper, polystyrene chips, corrugated inserts or bubble wrap-type packaging. This method requires a number of different components, can be slow, labour intensive and involves single-use infill, which may end up in landfill.

Smart Karton is a one-piece corrugated board with a laminated film or paper liner. Once the carton has been erected, the product is placed between the film and the base board before the pack is passed through a standard shrink tunnel, shrinking the film over the product to firmly secure it to the base board.

It is a simple, straightforward process using standard end-of-line machinery such as erectors, loaders and shrink tunnels. Where products are relatively slim, books for example, the corrugated board is folded over and sealed, so it does not require a tray erector.

The packaging is globally patented, can be branded for added impact and lends itself to both low and high volume, through its suitability for manual or automated production lines. An application has also been developed for small or domestic users, without the need for a shrink tunnel. This pack uses a specially developed film, which only sticks to itself, ensuring the product is held firmly in place and the goods arrive in the correct condition.

An ‘all paper’ pack has just been launched offering all the benefits of conventional Smart Karton, while being 100% recyclable.

Case study

An American-based gun and ammunition distributor uses the system to automate packing, consolidate the range of boxes used and maintain quality control. Ammunition is heavy and if it is dropped the contents will fly in all directions. The company has been using this system for shipping accessories and ammunition for six months. By reducing the decision making process and eliminating the dunnage-adding process – old securing method, where scraps of polystyrene or foam were inserted into the box to hold the product in place – it saves time and reduces product damage. The system has also reduced UPS delivery claims, and therefore further costs.

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