Stars in our eyes — Industry Starpack winners

Packaging Professional magazine
8 May 2008

The Starpack Industry Awards ceremony, gala dinner and cabaret was held on 22 May at the Café Royal in London, UK. Comedian Frankie Boyle presented 15 Gold Stars, three special awards, and four awards for individual performance.

There was an upsurge in entries to the Environmental Award and more effort was put into sustainability across all the categories. Total entries rose to 321 compared with 297 in 2007.

Best Food Design

The Fortnum & Mason 300th Anniversary Coffee tins from CROWN Speciality Packaging offer quality presentation combined with good functionality.

The airtight resealable pack for Bolling Coffee, with its easy action open and reclose lid and complementary finishes, impressed the judges who were unanimous in awarding a Gold Star.

The packaging uses hermetically sealed technology to ensure that the product remains fresh once opened. The side-welded steel can features a ring pull and seamed end, plus a gasket in the lid and a metal clasp for resealing.

Best Brand Design

Nude Skincare, a range of natural face and body products, won the Best Brand Design award sponsored by Emballage. The products use PLA sleeves made from biodegradable starch applied by Mailway Packaging Solutions. The sleeves are believed to be the first of this type to be used as primary decoration in the UK.

The blowmoulded bottles, injection moulded jars and tubes come from Quadpack, who worked closely with Pearlfisher to produce the packs. Most of the products are PP-based and include 40% post industrial recycled plastic, where possible.

The seven packs in the range comprise bespoke bottles and closures, personalised jars and customised airless packs for sensitive formulas.

Also winner of the Gold Star for Best Cosmetics and Toiletries Design.

Best Household Design

The carton design of the Kenwood Kmix by FLB was well thought out and the contemporary look delivers excellent on-shelf impact. The clever V opening on the top of the carton and the good print and finish quality were noted by the judges.

Best Luxury Product

The Dunhill Signed Range for BAT consists of sliding cardboard cartons, metal tubes, wooden boxes and highly lacquered gift boxes across six cigar sizes.

The materials were selected by designers Webb Scarlett deVlam to reflect the character of the brand and enhance premium positioning. The packaging addresses out-of-home, personal enjoyment and luxury gifting. Sales have risen by more than 600% since the launch.

Transit – Business To Business

The Office Depot Campaign Pack from DS Smith Corrugated won this award sponsored by DHL Excel Supply Chain.

This standard-sized re-usable pack, used by Office Depot UK and Lloyds TSB Group, protects advertising and campaign materials. It minimises waste and significantly reduces materials and transport costs as one pack replaces the previous eight. Outer graphics for customer branding and carriage legends, albeit minimal, give a quality feel. Pack access is also well thought out.

The outer pack is made from 70% recycled material while the three fitments are 100% recycled.

Transit – Business To Consumer

Two Gold Stars were given in this category sponsored by Alcan Packaging.

Rosewood Packaging’s bottle suspension pack for Murray McDavid, is a 100% recyclable bespoke pack for direct mail to consumers. It was designed to suspend a bottle or a bottle within a promotional tin inside a die-cut outer carton.

The concept combines the natural, cushioning properties of single wall, brown test B flute corrugated board with a simple, yet effective, design concept. Two corrugated fitments are die-cut and the edges scored to produce ‘teeth’. The fitments are then creased to create concertinas.

The bottle or circular presentation tin is inserted within the circular spaces and the product is placed inside the outer carton. The fitments spring outward and elongate to meet the edges of the carton and the circles become ovals which grip and lock the product into a static position. The pack collapses flat after use.

Packaging consultants Outpace worked with packaging supplier Storsack Dorton, WRAP and B&Q to develop the Worktop Carrierpac, a multi-trip pack. Made from PP and containing about 45% recycled content, the Carrierpacs are also recyclable.

The DIY chain demanded that the concept be economically viable compared to single-trip packaging. Now in use, product damage has been reduced from six to one per cent, while packaging costs are calculated to have been dropped by over £300,000 a year. Carrierpacs are estimated to prevent 1,100 tonnes/year of cardboard entering the waste stream annually.

Also winner of the Gold Star for Environment – New Developments, sponsored by WRAP.

Retail Ready/Display and Collation

Easypack/POP Display Group’s easy erect display carton for Tetley Fruit Teas RRP, with its gravity feed dispenser for eight round tubs of tea bags, gives highly visible branding and uninterrupted access to the product. The carton has an integral ramp to roll the product backwards for filling, while the inner corrugated fitting stops the tubs nesting. This also creates the slanted platform to roll the product forward at point of sale.

The outer pack is cartonboard and the internal corrugated fitting is plain white – test E flute, providing the required strength.

The fitting also gives the unit stackable strength when palletised, eliminating the need for an additional outer carton. Clearly printed instructions and effective perforation make it easy to remove the front panel for display on the shelf.

Environment – Pack Optimisation

The ultra lightweight Coca-Cola contour glass bottle reduces the weight of the 330ml pack by 20%, from 263g to 210g, without compromising the strength of the bottle. This will lead to estimated annual savings of over 3,500 tonnes of raw material and 2,200 tonnes of CO2.

To maintain its trademark dimensions Ardagh Glass and Coca-Cola Enterprises made the bottle 0.1mm wider and 13mm shorter than the original. The judges recognised the substantial technical challenge that had to be overcome to deliver savings at such high volumes. The award is sponsered by WRAP.

Consumer Products

Built on Crown Food Europe’s flagship Eole easy-open technology, Easylift easy-open ends improve tab access, making it significantly easier and faster for consumers to open canned food products without using a can opener or other tools.

Nestlé Purina Petcare Europe is using the 73mm ends on its 400g cans of cat and dog food in The Netherlands, but new markets should soon open up for this consumer-friendly development.

The easy-open ends are compatible with existing can line equipment. Only one-off adjustments are needed, allowing brand owners to incorporate the innovative ends without production downtime.

Also winner of the Special Award for Consumer Convenience and Gold Star Technical Development, sponsored by the PPMA Show.

Component Development

Driven by ergonomic needs, Mayborn Baby and Child’s well designed set of components for Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature provides functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics in equal measure.

The teat component alone involves several innovations to meet performance needs and optimal material use. Webb Scarlett deVlam’s bottle design is driven by ergonomic requirements and meets both the mother and child’s needs in terms of comfort of grip and functionality.

Also winner of Bronze Star for Best Brand Design, sponsored by Emballage.

Promens Packaging also won in this category for its upside-down roll-on deodorant, used by Unilever HPC.

The upside-down structure required significant technical expertise to ensure that leakage was prevented, while providing consistent dosage of the product. this was achieved by a one-way valve. The design allows the product to be in constant contact with the ball applicator when the container is inverted.

This significantly enhances the pack’s functionality and gives consumers an easy-to-use pack that delivers up to the last drop of product.

Also winner of the Silver Star for Consumer Products.

Best Packaging Designer/Design House Of The Year

Webb Scarlett deVlam provided an example of the best in packaging design, winning four Starpack Awards for various manufacturing disciplines and markets. The design house married successful brand identity and product development with excellent structural packaging design to produce a successful mix of packs offering both consumer impact and convenience.

Its winning designs included the product-led and technically exacting Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature feeding bottle design, with its patented flex and stretch teat, the beautiful Deco-style lightweighted glass bottle for Plymouth Navy Strength Gin featuring prestige foil blocked labels (see image above, middle), and the luxurious feel of the Dunhill Signed Range of premium products, which built on the brand’s heritage to create a complex range of packs that show excellent attention to detail for all their component parts.

Special Award – Environment

SCA Packaging South’s Home Recycling Unit for Acorn is designed to fit into a modular kitchen and encourage the whole family to recycle. It is manufactured from 80% B flute recovered fibres with the remainder coming from FSC managed forests.

Simple to erect, the unit provides space to segregate glass, plastics, cans and paper for recycling. The wipe-clean unit holds 71 litres of recycled materials and has a paper ‘drawer’ at the bottom to stabilise the unit by lowering the centre of gravity.

Additional holes have been incorporated into the sides to take ink cartridges and batteries, which can be accessed through the paper drawer and released by withdrawing a flap.

Diploma in Packaging Technology – Best Student of the Year

This award, for the student who has achieved the highest overall mark in the Diploma in Packaging Technology, went to Ciaran O’Kane of WD Irwin & Sons.

Certificate in Packaging – Best Student of the Year

This award is made to the student who achieved the highest overall mark in the Certificate in Packaging. It was won by Mike Teale, Process Technologist at McVitie’s Cake Company, part of United Biscuits.

Eric Dickens Memorial Award

Part of the Student Starpack Awards 2008, IOP: The Packaging Society’s Eric Dickens Memorial Award is presented to the college that has most effectively promoted education in packaging, and recognises the high quality of packaging design produced by the college.

For the second year running, this award was presented to the Lahti Institute of Design in Finland. Lahti submitted 45 entries and took 28 awards.

Best in Show and Best Student – Student Starpack Awards

Winning for a packaging solution for children’s food, the judges described Anni Nykänen of the Lahti Institute of Design’s popcorn pack as a ‘fabulous concept’ that was practical, innovative and well presented.

Full details of all this year's winners can be found at Starpack