Online payments

Please follow the steps below to pay your outstanding membership subscription through our secure online payment gateway (via SagePay).


1) Go to the Member Login link (top right)

2) Enter your Username - unless you registered with a custom username or have changed your default username, this will normally be your surname followed by your membership number (no spaces). If you cannot remember your username then please use the Request Password reminder (see below) which will generate an email that will contain your username.

3) Enter your password (as set up previously by you) and click Log in. Then go to Step 5) below.


4) Please use the Request Password function at to generate a new one-time login link which will allow you to log in.

The Request New Password requires an email address or username. You should receive an email to the email address provided with a link which will take you to a page with a red LOG IN button - use this to log into the website. You can tell that you are logged in as you will see that the "Member login" button top right disappears and you see "Log out" instead.

If you do not receive an email it may be because:

a) we do not have your correct email address - you will get an error message to that effect, in which case please contact and provide them with your new email address.

b) the email message has gone into your junk or spam folder. Our messages will come from or


5) After logging in you are taken to your Profile page  - if you have outstanding payments, you will see a red banner at the top of the page saying "Subscription payment due".

BEFORE YOU MAKE A PAYMENT please make sure that the email address shown in your profile is valid, as this is the email address to which payment confirmation will be sent. If it is not a valid email address, please EDIT your profile to be able to amend it, and click "Submit" at the bottom of the edit page, making sure as you go down the page that any compulsory fields are completed if they are currently blank. Once you submit your edits, you will be taken back to the profile page and can proceed with payment.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE  A POST CODE please enter 000 in your HOME address post code field otherwise you will not be able to make a payment.

6) Clicking "Subscription payment due" or "Make a payment" will take you to a page where you will see a summary of your outstanding payments, plus an option to subscribe to TMS to make use of their online services, and to make a donation to the Member's Benevolent Trust.

7) Once you have checked/selected the optional payments, click "UPDATE" to update the payment amount.

8) Once the payment amount is correct, click the red PAY NOW button.

9) This will take you to the Sagepay secure payment gateway. If you get an error message at this point, this will either be because you have not completed all the mandatory fields, or because you have not got a post code in your HOME ADDRESS field. If this is the case, please go back to your profile, click EDIT and enter 000 in your HOME ADDRESS Post Code field and submit the changes. Then go back to the Make Payment link and try again.

If you are member with a home address in the US, please make sure that the postcode field in your Home Address profile has the format NY 00000 - State code followed by ZIP code, otherwise you will not be able to make the payment.

10) Select the correct card type for your payment.

11) On the next SagePay screen please enter the details of your credit/debit card and ensure that your billing name and address are correct. Please ensure that you complete all the compulsory fields marked * and click "Proceed"

If you get an error message, please ensure that you complete any missing fields before you click "Proceed" again.

If you get an error message because you have not entered a post code, and you have no post code, please enter 000  into the post code field and try again.

12) Please wait for the payment to be approved. Once the payment has gone through, you will see a "Payment successful" message and you will also receive an email confirming your payment. This will be sent from SagePay to the email address that we hold on our member database.

13) Once you have made your payment please check and update your profile and contact details, if you have not already done so.


If you have problems with your payment which are not resolved by following the steps above, or wish to make a credit card payment over the phone, please contact +44(0)20 7451 7339 or 7342 or email