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Oil & Gas Overview

Following a request by an overseas member for help in generating a presentation on the Oil & Gas Industry to use in a High School, the Division produced a slide-pack and speaker notes which are available for all members to use. This is the first presentation in what will, hopefully, become a useful resource for members. Download Full Slide-pack (PDF 2.3MB) Download speaker Notes (PDF 52KB)

Educational Links for the Oil & Gas Industry

Links to external websites with information on careers and educational resources.

Introduction to Well Integrity

Norwegian Oil and Gas Association and NTNU and UIS have ideveloped  an “Introduction to well integrity” pack that can be used in educating personnel in well integrity.  The pack can be downloaded here (PDF 4mb)

Wellbore Positioning Guidelines

This industry standard publication (accepted by the ISCWSA board) is published through the UHI Research Office.The full eBook is available to view or download here.

Promoting Careers in Oil & Gas

OPITO, alongside industry partners, has launched two online tools to raise awareness of the careers available and skills required to work in the oil and gas industry. The Oil & Gas Skills Navigator is a digital library that provides tools, links and information on careers, companies, education, training and the sector itself and is aimed at school pupils, graduates, employers and those looking for training information. It has been developed in response to a recommendation in the Oil and Gas Industrial Strategy for a centralised online skills portal. Meanwhile, the Skills Connect tool helps ex-military personnel to identify roles best suited to their existing skill sets/requirements.
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MIS Scholarships and Prizes

The Mining Institute of Scotland Trust has a number of funds which can be disbursed for various educations and other reasons connected to mining (including the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons). Further information can be found at