Energy Transition Group Board

As one of the Technical Divisions of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, the Oil & Gas Division exists to benefit the public by facilitating all aspects of education, science, research, manufacture and professional development relating to upstream oil and gas activities over the complete life cycle from exploration through production and abandonment. The Division seeks to encourage and support the maximum economic recovery of oil and gas without harm to persons or damage to the environment and thereby the Division directly contributes to sustainable development.

The Division has a Board formed from members of the Division. The Board typically meets three times a year and operates under a documented structure and modus operandi. The Board maintains a five year plan that is executed through an annual plan. The Board chair represents the Division on the Institute Council and the Industry and Technology Policy Board. The Board appoints a representative
on the International Minerals and Mining Association. The Board issues an annual report covering Division activities. The Board maintains a website where all information relating to Division activities is made available.
If you are interested in joining the board, or helping out in any other way, please contact myself or any of the Board members. 


Chair, Oil & Gas Division

Scope & Mission

The role of the Division is to further the following three key objectives in this sector:-

  • Networking.
  • Professional development.
  • Membership growth.

Externally the Division will promote and represent the science, technology and practice of oil & gas on behalf of the Institute. The Division will encourage individuals with an interest in oil & gas to join the Institute. The Division will establish links with relevant National and International bodies in Industry, Government and Academia to encourage and support membership of the Institute and to promote professional activities relevant to the career development needs of members.

Internally the Division will promote the science, technology and practice of oil & gas providing a focus within the Institute for the oil & gas community. The Division will advise the Institute and deal with policy issues on any and all matters concerning oil & gas. The Division will influence the formulation and implementation of the Institute's policies to meet the needs of members in the sector.

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