Public consultation on the evaluation of the offshore safety directive

Energy Transition Group
12 Oct 2018

The Offshore Safety Directive establishes minimum requirements for safety and environmental protection across the EU for offshore oil and gas operations. These measures are particularly important given the high risks incurred to workers and the environment, in case of an accident.

Taking note of its obligation to conduct an evaluation of the Directive (Article 40 OSD), the Commission will assess whether the Directive has achieved the objective as set out in Article 1, which is to establish “minimum requirements for preventing major accidents in offshore oil and gas operations and limiting the consequences of such accidents.” Through this evaluation, the Commission shall also take into account how Member States have implemented the Directive into national rules and legislation. As required, the Commission will submit a report to the European Parliament and to the Council on its assessment and shall include any appropriate proposals for amending the Directive.           

The consultation will gather views on the implementation of the Directive, its effectiveness, relevance, coherence, EU added value and efficiency, as well as any needs for its further development and adjustment. Input received from the public consultation will become a main element for evaluating and assessing the experiences in relation to the Directive and its implementation.

For further information and to respond to the consultation, go to the European Commission website.