Oil & Gas Division Update March 2018

Oil & Gas Division
5 Mar 2018

On the morning of the 22nd January this year Patterson Rig 219 was drilling an onshore well in Oklahoma when the rig burnt down and five men lost their lives as a result of a well blowout and subsequent fire.

The well was at 13,500 feet when the drilling assembly was pulled to change the bit. While pulling out of hole there were pit gains. Once out of the hole the blind shear rams in the blowout preventors were closed while the bit and assembly changes were made. When the blind shear rams were opened to run in hole there was a gas release which led to an explosion and fire. Undoubtedly there will be lessons to be learnt.

A few weeks ago the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) published their 2018 overview: www.ogauthority.co.uk/media/4623/oga-overview-2018

UKCS production efficiency is up, costs are down and the supply chain is turning over £30billion per year with the Industry supporting over 300,000 jobs in the UK.

In the 2018 presentation pack the OGA highlight the significant opportunities in the UK and summarise the initiatives being undertaken to realise these opportunities. Key to unlocking the opportunities will be sustaining and building upon the efficiencies made in the last three years.

The Institute of Mining Engineers was founded to improve safety and productivity in the UK coal mining industry. As illustrated above these themes are as relevant now to the oil and gas industry as they were to the UK coal mining industry of the 19th century.