Carbon Capture, Useage and Storage Taskforce Report - Delivering Clean Growth

Energy Transition Group
23 Jul 2018

The UK Government established the CCUS Cost Challenge Taskforce to provide advice on the steps needed to reduce the cost of deploying carbon capture, usage and storage (CCUS) in the UK.

The Task Force presented an independant report to government in July 2018, setting out the industry’s view on how best to progress CCUS in the UK in order to enable the UK to have the option of deploying CCUS at scale during the 2030s, subject to costs coming down sufficiently.

In the report, the Taskforce proposes a range of measures and actions to inform a new approach to CCUS deployment that will enable cost reductions to be secured. By demonstrating that CCUS can deliver decarbonisation across industry, power, and provide solutions for heat and transport, the report focuses on building a long term, commercially sustainable and cost-effective decarbonisation service industry for the UK. This, in turn, can bring new industrial opportunities, secure long term jobs, deliver new economic development across the Uk's industrial heartlands and secure international competitiveness through new decarbonised products and services.
The Taskforce have identified viable business models, funding mechanisms, and an innovation pathway, as well as suggesting options to support the lowest cost delivery of a potentially transformative technology, underpinned by a series of short, medium and longer term recommendations.

To read the report click here (PDF 10mb)