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Energy Transition Group
22 Feb 2018

We want to significantly reduce the cost of well construction. We’re looking for innovative ideas and concepts on three themes - seabed pressure isolation, well system, new ways to stimulate well flow.

We're investing c.£1 million in a portfolio of projects to solve our well construction challenge. All we need at this stage is the spark of an idea!

Significantly reducing the cost of well delivery could unlock 5 billion barrels of resource already identified on the UK Continental Shelf. Well construction methods have changed little since drilling started in the North Sea. We believe that developing new technology and practices can reduce development costs, increase recovery and minimise well intervention.

This will allow mature, marginal or near field reserves to be developed, helping to extend the life of existing infrastructure

We’re looking for innovative ideas and concepts on three themes:

  • Seabed pressure isolation - Improve or replace existing flow control systems to isolate pressure and well fluids during the drilling and production phases in the life cycle of a well.
  • Well system - Improve current best practice for the isolation of pressure and ensure that fluids cannot escape from the formation and migrate to other sections of the well, or be released from the well to the surface.
  • New ways to stimulate well flow - Adapt or change the well design or drilling practices to optimise fluid flow in order to maximise the volume of hydrocarbons that can ultimately be recovered from a well, even in reservoirs with poor properties.

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