OGA publishes lessons learned from polymer enhanced oil recovery technology

Oil & Gas Division
23 Oct 2017

The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) has published a comprehensive lessons learned document to help encourage oil and gas operators to use polymer technology to enhance oil recovery (EOR) from UK oil fields.

“Polymer Enhanced Oil Recovery – Industry Lessons Learned” was produced in collaboration with the EOR joint industry task group and seeks to share lessons to help industry understand the potential benefits and complexities of implementing the technology.

This work follows on from the OGA’s EOR Strategy and Delivery Programme, published last year, which set a target of 250 million barrels of incremental reserves to be gained from EOR.

Data gathered from the OGA’s 2016 Stewardship Survey show that there are six fields where there are plans to implement polymer EOR, potentially delivering some 194 million barrels of incremental reserves. This represents an incremental recovery factor of 5%.