Everyday Hydrocarbon Products Showcased in Drilling Matters

Oil & Gas Division
2 Nov 2017

New modules on IADC’s DrillingMatters.org provides details the myriad products both trivial and critical that are based on hydrocarbons, and showcasing the industry’s solid environmental record. In addition, DrillingMatters.org now features an improved interactive drilling rig, allowing users to point and click and learn more about key drilling components. Also, a new glossary provides definitions for a plethora of industry terms.

“More than a Fuel” shows that from the food we eat, to the clothes on our backs, to cosmetics and skin care products, soaps and detergents, life-saving medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, building materials, toys and packaging materials, thousands of the products we use and depend on every day are made from hydrocarbons.

Drilling Matters’ new Interactive Rig Tour uses narrated video clips to explain the basics of key rig systems.

Finally, Drilling Matters’ new glossary  describes equipment and will help educate industry newcomers about the meaning of numerous industry terms. Graphics, narrations and videos are planned for the glossary.

Drilling Matters is a web-based, modular and interactive website designed to dispel myths and correct misconceptions about the petroleum industry. DrillingMatters.org now comprises modules discussing drilling equipment, drilling people and companies, the value of hydrocarbons