Australian Regulator Issues New Guidance Notes Related to Well Integrity

Energy Transition Group
20 Feb 2017

NOPSEMA, the Australian regulator, recently issued several new guidance notes. These include:

  • ALARP (well integrity). NOPSEMA issued Guidance note N-04600-GN1616 on ALARP in the context of well integrity. The note addreses how the ALARP concept can be addressed in the context of the Well Operations Management Plan. (N-04600-GN1616, Rev. 0)


  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment. Guidance note N-04600-GN1613 focuses on well integrity hazards and events types. (N-04600-GN1613, Rev. 0)


  • Well Integrity Control Measures and Performance Standards. Guidance N-04600-GN1617 assists titleholders through the process of identifying, assessing and selecting control measures. It also assists in identifying, assessing and selecting relevant performance standards for those control measures in the context of preventing a potential loss of well integrity and to support the evidence that risks are reduced to a level that is as low as reasonably practicable. (N-04600-GN1617, Rev. 0)