IOGP Report S-561, Supplementary Requirements to API 17D - Subsea trees

Energy Transition Group
15 Dec 2016

After the initial release of a draft for a period of consultation, this report is now issued as Version 2, and is for use.
It is supplemented by a number of ancillary documents which are included in the description below.
This Specification augments API Spec 17D and is written as an exception style document. It gives preferred standard solutions and sets minimum requirements in interests of reaching agreed industry solutions.
The main report is available on both the public website and the extranet, and may be downloaded directly from:

The supplements to the main report are downloadable below as zip files:

This document was prepared by Joint Industry Project 33, Standardization of Equipment Specifications for Procurement, organized by IOGP with support by the World Economic Forum (WEF). Seventeen key Members from WEF and IOGP membership participated in JIP33 with an effort to leverage and improve industry-level standardization. The scope of work has been to harmonize procurement specifications from the seventeen participating Members and develop one agreed and jointly approved specification building on recognized industry and/or international standards. This is the second of the three initial specifications to prove this concept.
The next step is for the individual operating companies to evaluate this specification and consider whether to replace their own specification with this joint specification and thereby achieve real standardization across the oil and gas industry.