Energising the Nation’s Future with Oil & Gas

Energy Transition Group
1 May 2013

Oil & Gas UK Launches Nationwide Campaign to Highlight Industry’s Contribution - a Call to Promote Awareness of the Sector

Oil & Gas UK have launched a nationwide awareness campaign, "Energising the Nation's Future" at an event attended by leading figures from the oil and gas community. The campaign is designed to improve awareness and understanding of the oil and gas industry and better map its contribution across the UK.

Through a series of events and activities over the coming months, Oil & Gas UK aims to demonstrate the central role that the industry plays through innovation, job creation and its economic contribution – both direct and indirect. The oil and gas industry supports 440,000 jobs across the UK, is the largest industrial investor, supplies the oil and gas to meet half the country’s primary energy needs and makes a major contribution to the UK’s overall prosperity.

The launch of the campaign comes a month after the UK Government published its Oil and Gas Industrial Strategy, in which it outlined its plans to secure investment and create jobs.

The first step in the “Energising the Nation’s Future” campaign is to build a new picture of the industry’s UK-wide network of skilled workers and celebrate the breadth of the supply chain supported by the sector. Oil & Gas UK is encouraging those who work across the industry to get involved in the campaign by registering their interest, mapping their location and relationship to the sector, and sharing their experiences.

For more information and to join the campaign, go to the Oil & Gas UK website.