Remembering Piper video

Energy Transition Group
19 Jun 2013

Step Change in Safety’s short film ‘Remembering Piper - The night that changed our world’ is now available for free download on the Joined-up Thinking site. The film was premiered at the Piper25 Workforce Involvement Day being held in Aberdeen on Wednesday 19th June.

The evocative art work was drawn by the hand of Sue Jane Taylor who was offshore in the months prior to the disaster. She sketched many of the men on Piper Alpha and went on to create the iconic memorial that now stands in Hazelhead Park.

The short film was produced for Step Change by "Art Department" and features audio from the BBC Radio 3 drama ‘Piper Alpha - the Human Price of Oil’, written by Stephen Phelps.

Step Change in Safety team leader Les Linklater said: “The legacy of Piper Alpha affects every offshore worker even today. By screening this short film to potentially the entire offshore workforce, we are attempting to reach a very wide audience in a way that has never been done before. The purpose of doing this is to remind people that Piper Alpha isn’t just history and we still have to guard against complacency. The same hazards and the same challenges that existed back then still exist today and how we manage them – through strong leadership and engaging the workforce in safety – is crucial in preventing a repeat of that tragedy”

The film concludes with six questions for the audience. These questions are designed to prompt discussion and are available to print or on a slide (also included in the download site).