Scottish Heat of Young Persons’ Lecture Competition

Energy Transition Group
14 Mar 2012
YPLC - Scottish Heat Entrants


For the first time the Department of Earth Sciences, St Andrews University hosted the Scottish Heat of the YPLC  this year and  what a baptism of fire it proved to be with such high quality of competition, any one of the five competitors would be worthy of going forward to the National finals. With support from the students of St Andrews it turned the event into a "University Challenge Type Atmosphere" with a total audience of about fifty. 


Candidates and their Titles in alphabetical Order                                                                              

Rosemary Anthony. Reservoir Engineer (Graduate), BP Exploration Company Ltd. 

"Understanding the pressure in a hydrocarbon reservoir: how hard can it be"


Sarah Beth Helen De Boer, BP Exploration Company Ltd.  

"Magnus - Life of Field Wells Review"


Abbas Delavar, BP Exploration Company Ltd. 

"Liquid Loading & Gas Well Deliquification"


Sarah Goldthrope, University of St Andrews 

"Characterising Geotectonic Settings from Minerals"


Stacy Phillips, University of St Andrews 

"The mineralogical effects of meteorite impacts"


All of them put up a great display of presentation and in depth knowledge of their chosen subject, giving the judges a very difficult job, but in the end  Abbas Delavar came first and will represent Scotland at the National Finals where we all wish him the best.

Second and Third was Stacy Phillips and Sarah Goldthrope respectively.

Our thanks to the competitors for their efforts & preparation. To Graham Smith, Jim Wishart and Ed Wade as judges and to the Department of Earth Sciences, St Andrews in hosting the event, an exercise they would be willing to repeat.

Allan J A Thomson