Petroleum & Drilling Engineering Division 2011 Member Survey

Energy Transition Group
10 Jan 2012

The P&DE carried out the first member survey in September 2009. Our second survey, in September 2011, asked broadly the same questions to see if anything has changed. A big thank you to all those who responded and apologies to those of you who experienced a few glitches, we appreciate that online surveys are not entirely accurate and certainly not scientific, but it does build a useful picture to plan our strategy going forward.
The survey was emailed to over 1000 members with P&DE nominated as an Interest & Preference within their  IOM3 member profile, and 124 replied – a lower turnout than previously although of 88% of respondents were doing so for the first time.
The results are not vastly different from the 2009 survey, but due to a slight rewording of some questions, we have learnt much more from individual comments than what the broad statistics say.