The Armourers and Brasiers’ Materials Science Venture Prize

Energy Transition Group
8 Dec 2008

The Armourers and Brasiers’ Company is, through the Gauntlet Trust, one of the leading supporters of materials science education and research at schools and universities in the UK, providing funding for grants, prizes, teaching support, industrial placements, conferences and research.  The Company now wishes to deepen the impact and reach of its activities by assisting in providing funding for the commercialisation of materials related intellectual property of value which may have been in part generated through its grant giving activities.  This will be achieved by providing direct financial support of the commercialisation of promising research via the provision of an annual Armourers and Brasiers’ Materials Science Venture Prize. The benefits to the field of materials science generally will include: 

  • A prestigious prize which raises the profile of materials science research and development and provides recognition for leading researchers in the field;
  • The provision of a sum of prize money which enables the prizewinner to engage in early commercialisation of very promising research. This is funding that is typically very difficult for researchers to access and generally proves to be a substantial bottleneck to economic exploitation;
  • Engaging the financial and business community with materials science academics and researchers which will foster and facilitate awareness and education on both sides, and can be expected to lead to greater opportunities for successful business collaboration;
  • Expansion of the economic impact of materials science in the UK via the generation of businesses of commercial value, which would also provide challenging and interesting career paths to attract and retain materials scientists in the field.

The scheme is focused on an annual prize of £25,000 in the form of an investment into the enterprise and will be judged on a competitive basis by a committee of commercial, financial and technical experts.  Download flyer for more information.


Documents for download: 
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