North West & North Wales finalist - Tamás Zagyva

Tamás graduated from Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary, with a BSc in Earth Science in 2016 and with an MSc in Materials Science in 2019. His undergraduate research was related to mineralogy and crystallography. During his Master’s studies, he was involved in a research project focusing on bioceramic coatings. Tamás has attended several conferences presenting his undergraduate and Master's research with great success, winning awards in both best poster and best presentation categories. He is the first author of one, and co-author of two, peer-reviewed articles. He started his PhD at The University of Manchester, Dalton Nuclear Institute, UK, in 2019. His PhD topic focuses on the radiation effects on glass-ceramic nuclear waste forms. This research gives an opportunity to continue his committed career path combining geology and materials science.

In his spare time, Tamás enjoys participating on gem and mineral shows, as well as collecting minerals. He is keen on motorsports and enjoys playing board games.

Hip implant materials: novel bioactive coatings for silicon nitride ceramic hip replacements

Total hip replacements are one of the most challenging implants because they need to be created from materials with extremely good mechanical and biological properties. Metals and alloys have been widely used for decades due to their excellent mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. However, the high-wear rate and the toxicity of the chemical components urged the development of non-metallic implant materials like polymers and ceramics. Silicon nitride has recently been introduced as a commercially available bioceramic for total hip replacements with outstanding mechanical properties.

This lecture gives an introduction about the development of total hip replacement materials and presents research about novel bioactive coatings on silicon nitride ceramics, which could speed up the healing process after surgery. An alternative, simple, coating deposition technique has been developed especially for silicon nitride hip implants, where eggshell is the raw material of the coatings.

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