Nor Fasihah Bt Zaaba, Malaysia

Fasihah was born in Sarawak, Malaysia and is now pursuing a Masters degree in Polymer Engineering at Universiti Sains Malaysia. During her degree, she represented her university in the British Invention Show in London, UK with her research on biodegradable plastic from waste materials and she won the Gold, Platinum and the Best Innovation Award from Russia. In 2011, she represented her university in the Korea International Women's Invention Exposition in Seoul, Korea and won the Gold Award and the Best Innovation Award from Iran. Her interest in sustainable innovation of biodegradable plastic from natural resources was granted the Anugerah Sanggar Sanjung Award for excellent achievement in research product for the year 2010 from Universiti Sains Malaysia. Fasihah loves to travel around the world, discovering new places, new languages, meeting new people and sharing new experiences. In the future, she hopes to devote a considerable amount of time to intellectual pursuits while contributing to the development of society.


E-PLAST - A new and novel edible plastic for food packaging applications

Edible films and coatings have been a renewed interest over the last few years. These films are not meant to totally replace the petrochemical based plastics (eg polyolefins, polyesters, polyamides, etc) as packaging materials. However, they have the potential to replace some applications of conventional packaging. Edible films are defined as any type of material for coating or wrapping various foods to extend the shelf life of the product, that may be eaten together with the food or without further removal. A new and novel edible plastic made from sago starch and special additives using low cost technology has a big potential to replace the toxic and non-degradable plastics in food packaging applications.



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