Implantable blood pressure sensor

Materials World magazine
UK researchers are exploiting surface acoustic wave (SAW) technology to create a wireless and implantable blood pressure sensor. Scientists at Imperial College London, UK, believe this is the first implantable SAW device.
A cracked section of the fibre-reinforced concrete showing the embedded steel mix

Bomb-proof concrete

Materials World magazine
A high performance concrete that is designed to reduce the impact of bomb blasts is being investigated by engineers at the University of Liverpool, UK. Steel fibres reinforce the material.

Making nanoceramic components

Materials World magazine
Manufacturing nanostructured ceramic components could now become more industrially viable using processing techniques developed at Loughborough University, UK.
The Solar+Reflectance optical head with highly sensitive detectors

Inspecting solar cell production

Materials World magazine
An in-line monitoring system that is compatible with copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) and cadmium telluride solar cell production is available from LayTec, based in Berlin, Germany. The company claims the technology will accelerate development and reduce processing costs for a range of thin film deposition processes.
Power plant

Capturing carbon dioxide in China

Materials World magazine
Preliminary geological surveys suggest there may be potential for ‘significant [onshore] storage in Chinese basins for CO2’, says Dr Mike Stephenson, Head of Science for Energy at the British Geological Survey.