Starpack 2007 – A star-studded evening for packaging technologists

Packaging designers and technologists came together for the 2007 Starpack Awards Ceremony, held at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham.
John Forsdike

Winner of the Young Persons’ Lecture Competition announced

John Forsdike from Rolls Royce plc has won the Young Persons’ Lecture Competition.
Literature Review Prize finalists

Masterclass for finalists in student literature review competition

Finalists for the Materials Literature Review Prize gathered for a masterclass where they gave a brief presentation on their review.
Array of superlenses

Metamaterials for magnifying superlenses

Materials World magazine
Advances in the field of magnifying superlenses have been reported by two separate US research teams. Conventional lenses are limited by the diffraction limit of light, which prevents high resolution imaging of features smaller than its wavelengths. The new superlenses are made from metamaterials designed to capture the evanescent waves that exist close to the surface of an object.

Single-phase bulk solids heat management

Materials World magazine
Scientists at the IBM T J Watson Research Center and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, both in the USA, are exploring the optical and thermal electric properties of new composite materials that harness the properties of multiple semiconductors in one superlatice material using different nanocrystal combinations to be used in the recovery of waste heat.