A cylinder coated with Hardide

Coating titanium

Materials World magazine
A process for imparting wear, abrasion and chemical resistance to titanium components has been developed, say researchers at Hardide Coatings, based in Bicester, UK. The Hardide-T coating, made from nanostructured tungsten carbide, is applied using low temperature chemical vapour deposition (CVD).
Woman in hospital bed

Probing multifunctional materials

Flame-retardant coatings and anti-bacterial bedsheets are just two outputs of a pan-European research project to develop multifunctional products from paper and textiles for buildings, transport, health and personal protection.
concept image

Standardising nanotechnologies

Materials World magazine
The views of industry, researchers and the wider materials community are being sought to standardise nanotechnologies. The UK was the first country to set up a national committee for this purpose, which is vital to support commercialisation and market development as well as ensure consumer acceptance.

Nuclear fusion takes materials to the extreme

Materials World magazine
As fusion power becomes more of a reality, scientists at the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority are working against the clock to develop materials that can handle its extreme conditions.
Taking samples at the Boomerang Creek tributary, which drains the western part of the Merlin kimberlite field in Australia

Diamond detection development

Materials World magazine
Diamond explorers might have a new tool at their disposal as research in Australia is underway into a thermochronology technique for detecting indicator mineral zircon. The team believes its approach could improve upon traditional methods that involve searching for kimberlite indicator minerals (KIMs) such as garnet and diopside.