Ferromagnetic zinc compound

New family of zinc compounds created to benefit research

Materials World magazine
Zinc compounds have been developed to take on the properties and behaviour of materials allowing researchers to study and understand their properties. Scientists are using this tecnique to study ferromagnetism and develop new products and processes.

Making sense of minerals sorting

Materials World magazine
A near infrared spectrometer for automated mineral sorting is close to production. The imaging specrometer developed by Spectra-Map produces a fingerprint from the reflectance of specific wavelengths to separate and characterise a range of minerals.

Materials engineers and polymer scientists sought for case studies

Materials engineers and polymer scientists are invited to take part in case studies to be used in educational literature.
Tony Kinloch

Second adhesion scientist to be awarded an FRS

The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
Tony Kinloch has been awarded fellowship of the Royal Society, only the second adhesion scientist to be so honoured.

Energy awards

The Energy Institute is hosting its 2007 energy awards.