Technology Strategy Board to invest in materials R&D

The Technology Strategy Board has allocated 1.5M euros to support UK industry and associated science and technology organisations as part of a European materials R&D programme.

Do your bit to help shape policy

The Institute’s External Affairs Group is looking for volunteers who can quickly respond to media and Government inquiries.
Child looking at an LCD screen

Efficient LCD displays

Materials World magazine
Laptop screens that run on a fraction of the power used by conventional screens are being developed by US company Pixel Qi, based in San Bruno. The firm claims it has redesigned traditional liquid crystal display materials and production techniques to improve performance.

Armed with portable solar generators

Materials World magazine
American soldiers could soon be taking a new piece of kit onto the battlefield – a portable solar-powered generator smaller than a laptop. The Very High Efficiency Solar Cell (VHESC) programme is made up of a group of US universities, Government research laboratories and companies, and aims to reduce the weight of batteries a soldier has to carry and simplify logistical supply chains.
Surface Enhanced Micro Optical Fluidic Systems

Plastic diagnostic lab-on-a-chip

Materials World magazine
A low-cost portable polymer tool that allows for quick diagnoses in remote environments is being developed by a group of European researchers. A key element to the system is microfluidic transport of the sample and reagents through various channels. Hydrophilic and hydrophobic surfaces help control the fluid flow and reduce unwanted protein adsorption.