Safety films for batteries

Materials World magazine
Electrode separators made from porous polymers that help prevent lithium-ion batteries from exploding at high temperatures have been created by Tonen Chemical Corporation, in Japan. This could help use of batteries in hyybrid and electric vehicles.

Mouldable metals' created using nanocrystals

Materials World magazine
A method of assembling metal nanoparticles into a clay-like structure that can be moulded and fired has been developed by researchers at Northwestern University, Chicago, USA. Paternal applications include flexible electronics.
Plasma-coated stent

3D plasma coating technique prevents stents from clogging

Materials World magazine
Researchers at the University of Ulster, UK, have developed a 3D plasma coating technique to prevent stents from developing neointima, where thick muscle tissue grows over the surface, leading to the blood vessel narrowing again. Thin films of carbon, ceramics and platinum are coated using the new method to prevent clogging.

Heating up austenitic stainless steels

Materials World magazine
Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA, claim to have developed inexpensive austenitic stainless steels that can withstand higher temperatures while maintaing creep strength and oxidation resistance by introducing aluminium into composition. The drive towards higher operating temperatures, while maintaining creep stremnght and oxidation resistance by introducing aluminium into its composition. that employ austenitic stainless steels in turbine recuperators, heat exchangers, piping and tubing.

New quantum dots can amplify light for tunable lasers

Materials World magazine
Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico, USA, have engineered a new version of quantum dots (semiconductor nanocrystals) that can amplify light for cheaper and tunable lasers at a range of wavelenghts at a range of wavelengths.