corn stalks

Biogas field of dreams?

Materials World magazine
German researchers are building what they say is the first-ever biogas pilot plant to run entirely on agricultural waste, while achieving 30% more biogas than previous facilities. This technique could create a sustainable source of energy that does not rely on edible materials, preventing competition for food crops and land.
Economic crisis headlines

Trialling times – the credit crunch

Materials World magazine
As the full brunt of the recession starts to take effect, Materials World talks to 18 leading members of the UK engineering and manufacturing industries to get their views about the effects of the economic climate on their sector and where future redemption may lie. To express your views on the impact of the recession, visit the Materials World forum at the link below.
A spherical loudspeaker made from the largely sulphur-free Arboform

Natural fibre bioplastics become largely sulphur-free

Materials World magazine
A hemp or flax-based bioplastic that uses 90% less sulphur has made the material suitable for consumer goods such as toys and electronics, say researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology in Pfinztal, Germany. At the end-of-life, the plastic can be broken down and re-pelletised.

Aid for UK automotives is a 'massive disappointment' says union

Materials World magazine
More support is needed for the UK automotive industry says Unite, the UK's biggest union, in response to the Government's £2.3bln relief package for the sector. Car producers in the UK are hanging on by a thread because of a lack of credit from the banks and a dramatic fall in demand for cars,' says Derek Simpson of Unite.

UK Government announces financial package for ailing automotive industry

Materials World magazine
A £2.3bln package of measures to help the UK automotive industry survive the current global economic crisis has been accounced by Lord Peter Mandelson, Business Secretary. The sector is 'in the front line of the downturn', says Mandelson.